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GPS Miles Per Gallon

GPS Miles Per Gallon
Miles Per Gallon
Pinpoint Vehicles with Less Than Optimal Performance

With increasing gas prices, fuel is a major monthly expenditure.

In 2002, approximately 70% of a class 1 and 2 fleet's total operating costs were spent on fuel. Networkcar helps you monitor fuel efficiency to help save those hard earned dollars.

MPG Features
  • Review the current MPG of your fleet vehicles and graphs and charts that show MPG over time
  • Perform additional maintenance on poorly performing vehicles to increase fuel efficiency

GPS Miles Per Gallon
Immediately access accurate real-time vehicle mileage even if the vehicle rarely reports back to the fleet depot.

Networkfleet Seamlessly Integrates with Other Fleet Software Solutions
Networkfleet™ allows customers and partners to integrate vehicle location and diagnostic information into their applications through it's Web Services API. This allows your business to integrate Networkfleet vehicle information with your other software solutions such as dispatching and fleet management. The addition of real-time mileage information or gps coordinates into these other applications can provide a wide variety of benefits to fleets. This easy integration made available by the Web Services API provides flexibility for your business and the ability for real-time vehicle information to power the solutions you use to manage your business.

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