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How Networkcar Works

Driver Monitoring

Automobiles and trucks have come a long way since the days of the Model T. Today, a sophisticated onboard computer manages your vehicle's operation. This computer oversees numerous sensors and systems within your vehicle to monitor its performance. Many new services are now available because of new technologies sometimes referred to as telematics, remote diagnostics, or automatic vehicle location (AVL) systems.
Networkcar works automatically
After our patented technology is installed in your vehicle, our system is able to communicate with your vehicle's onboard computer, interpret the data and transmit important information back to you, your service provider or fleet managers. The Networkcar system works on nearly all cars and trucks MY96 and newer and heavy-duty trucks MY88 and newer.
Driver Monitoring
Immediate notification of problems
Networkcar notifies you immediately if a problem is detected and allows your service provider to remotely troubleshoot your vehicle problems online before you even bring your car in for service. Fleet Managers receive periodic reports that describe the mechanical status of their vehicles, how much fuel they are consuming, their fuel efficiency, and whether or not drivers have been speeding. Both Fleet Managers and individual users also receive e-mail 'alerts' if our system detects a diagnostic trouble code (DTC) or if the vehicle reaches a service milestone based on mileage. We help you save on your most valuable commodity - Time! In some states, car owners and fleets can even receive a convenient remote smog test.

Driver Monitoring GPS tracking -- Benefits for car owners and fleets
Your vehicle's location is determined with a global positioning system (GPS). When the vehicle is in operation, the Networkcar system automatically transmits location information in near real time and diagnostic information somewhat less often to a central computer system. The system analyzes the information and posts the results on a secure web site (www.networkcar.com) that has separate user interfaces for both fleet managers and individual drivers. Networkcar sends the information it collects over Velocita's (formerly Cingular Interactive) Mobitex network which is highly reliable in U.S. metro areas. GPS systems are particularly useful for fleet managers who need effectively route drivers and manage their activities. Vehicle tracking systems are also used by parents who wish to oversee a young, inexperienced teenage driver and for car owners and police who wish to track a stolen vehicle. The technology also allows a lost driver to get help by contacting a 24/7 roadside assistance center.

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