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GPS Idle Time Monitoring

GPS Idle Time Monitoring
Idle Time Monitoring
Reduce Fuel Costs and Pollution by Improving Driver Performance

The ability to compare idle time across the vehicles in your fleet can provide an enormous Return on Investment (ROI). Whether you operate a commercial trucking company driving an average of 10,000 miles a week or you are a plumber driving 2,000 miles a week, idle time is a key parameter to help you monitor driver behavior. Networkfleet™ shows you which drivers are idling excessively. This feature allows you to monitor exceptions to your company policy or set goals for your fleet to achieve fuel savings.

Idle Time Monitoring Examples
  • 100 Vans, Service Industry. Average idle time is 12%. Networkfleet tells you when individual vehicles exceed this average. On an annual basis, catching these exceptions early will provide a healthly ROI.
  • 25 Heavy Duty Trucks. Average mileage - 80,000 /year. Average idle time is 18%. In addition to monitoring for overage exceptions, Networkfleet allows you access information to lower your average idle times.
GPS Idle Time Monitoring
Idling is a very wasteful and the majority of idle time is unnecessary. The Office of Canadian Energy Efficiency has estimated that the average long-haul truck idles away up to $1,790 in profits a year.

Top 7 Reasons to Choose Networkfleet
Frequent GPS Update Rates. Diagnostic Data. Unparalleled Service. Networkfleet is a better value and can provide immediate return on investment benefits.

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