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Remote Smog Check

Remote Smog Check
Remote Smog Check
Reduce Costs by Enrolling in California's Program

1996 and newer light and medium fleet OBD-II may be enrolled in the state approved Continuous Testing Pilot (CTP) program that permits smog test exemption. Vehicle emissions are continually monitored through the wireless network and there is no need to have vehicles physically inspected as long as they are running cleanly.

Benefits of Continuous Monitoring
  • Saves the costs associated with smog tests
  • Reduces vehicle downtime for physical inspection

Environmental Applications
Remote Smog Check An exclusive offering from Networkcar. Certain high mileage vehicles such as taxis and transit vehicles are considered gross polluters and contribute a high percentage of air pollution in metropolitan areas. Networkcar's economically-priced Continuous Emissions Monitoring systems is the perfect solution.
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Remote Smog Check

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