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Safety Security

Safety Security
Safety and Security
Protect Your Human and Physical Assets

Networkfleet™ offers one of the most effective stolen vehicle recovery products on the market today.

You may have read about us in one of the recent GPS reviews comparing the many GPS systems available today. When it comes to automotive GPS ratings, Networkfleet scores high when it comes to vehicle recovery rates. Our system creates an online breadcrumb trail showing where your vehicle has been so it can be promptly recovered.

In addition to providing stolen vehicle recovery service, fleets receive a comprehensive roadside assistance package and card for each Networkfleet-equipped Class 1 or 2 light vehicle. There is no additional cost for this service.

Did You Know?
  • 1.2 million vehicles reported stolen in 2002; up 1.4% from 2001
  • In U.S., one vehicle stolen every 25.3 seconds
  • Estimated total value of vehicles stolen nationwide is $8.4 billion
Source: Federal Bureau of Investigation Statistics (2002)
Safety Security
Safety Security

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