Decal Vehicle Theft Notification Service

Is My Driving Safe, Inc. has designed an innovative system to assist Subscribers in the recovery of their stolen vehicle when using the Decal Program.

A Subscriber may log into their account, edit their vehicle detail and change the vehicle status to STOLEN. This action will create a Warning message to the Motorist who is attempting to file an Incident Report.  This Message will ask the Motorist to notify the local authorities or to call the Driver Account Manager directly and provide as much information as possible to assist in the recovery of the vehicle.


Safety Alert Services Provided:
  • Driver Rebuttal Service
  • Vehicle Theft Notification Service
  • Flexible and Accountable Reporting
  • Proprietary Reflective Decals


Contact us with comments or questions at: or Is My Driving Safe @ (813) 269-IMDS (4637)


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