Driver Surveillance Facts and FAQ's

1. How our "Secret" Driver Surveillance Program was formed.

  • Created in conjunction with Motor Carrier Safety Director's and past Safety and Loss Prevention Management Council Chairman's looking for a way to monitor their drivers real world driving situation other than decals and GPS technology.
  • Started program in select "Hub" cities and then grew nation wide.
  • Spent 1 year building monitor base solely with FedEx Ground to ensure we had adequate coverage to roll out to other motor carriers.
  • Became members of the ATA, SLPMC, CSVA, and the TCA.
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2. What results have customers seen?

  • Reduction in rear end collisions #1
  • reduction in speeding and tailgating
  • Reduction in accidents and claims
  • Reduction in the severity of accidents
  • Reduction in annual accident cost (bottom line)
  • Reduction in ISS ratings
  • Reduction in unwarranted inspections
  • Identified high risk drivers
  • Identified tampered governors and those employees associated with the tampering
  • Reduced insurance rates
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3. Why Does our Secret Surveillance Program work?

Simply put, it works because we have nation wide coverage, credible monitors, fast reporting, and our customers have adopted the service into there safety program. 

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4. How do you know that the driver surveillance program reduce highway accidents by 20-35%?

We initially ask our customers to run the program for a minimum of 1 month without notifying the drivers in order to establish a baseline. Once the baseline is set and the drivers are notified, we have seen a 20-35% reduction in speeding.  When speaking with our customers, they have also seen the same data as it directly correlated with their accident data.

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5. How do companies or individuals save money with Is My Driving

It can help reduce accidents by 50%. With the decrease in accidents, companies save soft and hard dollar cost.  For large fleets or companies who are self insured, the savings become a direct savings to the company.

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6. How does Is My Driving help reduce insurance costs?

Better driving records and lowering accidents translates into lower insurance costs. Insurance companies base their rates on driver’s ratings by the number of accidents and citations. The lower the rating, the lower the rates will be. Once you have better driver ratings, the best way to reduce your insurance is to renegotiate and/or bid out your policy.

In addition, many insurers offer a discount if you have a driver improvement program.

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7. Why should I use Is My Driving Safe if I have a low accident rate?

While your accident frequency rate is low, do you know the total cost of those accidents (lost productivity, medical expenses, repair cost, workers' compensation, etc.)?

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8. How does it affect my ISS rating?

Our Driver Surveillance Program has helped customers reduce their ISS rating.  With our program, we help customers break the ISS-2 compliance loop "Inspections > Violations > High ISS-2 number > more inspections."  We focus on identifying and reducing those triggering events, such as, speeding, tailgating, and erratic driving with our real world, proactive, and credible observations.

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9. Why wouldn’t our company perform the surveillance ourselves?

  • Our monitors are professionally trained Law Enforcement and Safety Officials
  • We perform reports 24 hours-a-day, 365 days a year
  • We provide reports nation wide
  • We are a neutral party, so no favoritism
  • There will not be any internal political influences that may tend to embellish a report
  • Our monitors are in their unmarked POV's which the customer or drivers are unaware of the type of vehicle being used.  If the customer assigned their safety officials to monitor their fleet, the word would spread on the safety officials vehicle type and whereabouts.
  • Our monitors pay for there own gas and insurance, so no cost to the customer
  • No overtime cost to the customer
  • Cost! Cost! Cost! Our cost per report is extremely lower than the cost it would take for a customer to implement the service themselves.
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10. Do drivers think the service is negative?

  • Our service is a neutral party.
  • If employers present the service in a positive way, the drivers will welcome it.
  • Only a small percentage of drivers will have patterns of negative reports.
  • Knowledge is power. The drivers have an opportunity to really know how their driving is perceived.
  • Good drivers could be recognize or rewarded.
  • Accidents put strains on companies as well as other employees.
  • Drivers will see a clear message that road safety is an important aspect of your company.
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11. What happens after a report is submitted?

An e-mail, with the report is sent to the company's assigned person or persons instantly.  The customer then processes the report in conjunction with their safety program.

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12. Does Is My Driving show any reports to the police or insurance companies?

NO. The information is for our customers to determine what they would like to do with the information. Our goal is to provide companies with accurate and timely information on their drivers in order to identify training opportunities before accidents happen.

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13. How are unfounded reporters eliminated?

In 3 ways, first, we only hire professional and credible monitors who have a law enforcement background.  Second, our monitors are paid per report whether it is a positive or negative report.  This ensures the customer that we are not reporting on only those bad drivers.  Third, our monitors are required to report the trailer and/or tractor numbers with the date, time and location of where the observation took place.  Our customers then have enough information to verify the validity of the report.

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14. Do subscribers need an e-mail address?

Yes, all subscribers need an e-mail address. In order for us to communicate the reports back.  We can add as many email addresses as need, or customers can create a catch all email address and manage internally.

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15. How does Is My Driving help enhance a company’s image?

Company vehicles are traveling billboards. Positive or negative driving represents the company positively or negatively. The program changes drivers behaviors towards being more courteous, thus enhancing the company’s image.

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16. Is this service for large fleets only? What about smaller fleets?

Is My Driving Safe will work with all types and sizes of vehicles and fleets.  No fleet, is too small or too large. 

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17. How can your services help me when most of my accidents are backing accidents and property damage involves small "fender benders"?

Research shows that the 10% careless drivers are the same drivers likely to be the “fender benders”. We will help you identify the drivers that are careless in our reports. These reports will supply you with the knowledge as to who may need additional safety training.

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18. If our service area is not nationwide, will your service work for us?

Yes,  We will notify all entire monitor base to be on the lookup for your vehicles and specify the service area of where your vehicles will most likely be spotted.  If we do not have adequate coverage in your area, we will continue to hire monitors for that specific location.

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19. What if we use a "Decal" program? What is the difference between it and the Secret Surveillance Program?

The Decal program, in general, provides negative reports 90% of the time by anyone!  It is reactive in nature meaning that a driver has to do something bad first.  The Secret Surveillance Program is PROACTIVE.  It provides positive and negative reports by credited monitors.  Therefore, you do not have to wait for the driver to do something bad before you get a report. 

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20. My drivers are Owner Operators. Will this program work with them?

Yes. Most companies with owner operators are unable or unauthorized to install decals or gps devices on there owner operators.  This program allows our customers the ability to monitor there contractors without the administrative issue of adding, moving, or removing decals or gps devices.

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21. How much does it cost to subscribe to Is My Driving

 Call 813-269-IMDS (4637) to inquire.  There are no startup fees and no contracts for first 90 days.  You pay only for what you receive.  Very affordable!!

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22. How does the billing process work?

We accept Visa / MasterCard as well as checks. We will issue an invoice Bi-monthly after you have received reports

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23. How do I start the program?

In order to get started, simply provide Is My Driving Safe with authorization to conduct observations on your vehicles.  Provide us with e-mail addresses of whom should receive the reports.  Provide any pictures and route information of your fleet.  Program can be started immediately.

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Contact us with comments or questions at: or Is My Driving Safe @ (813) 269-IMDS (4637)



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