Driver Surveillance Program

What is the Secret Surveillance Program?

  The Secret Surveillance Program utilizes "Credible" Monitors who will covertly follow behind your vehicles and provide "real-world" feedback about your drivers driving behaviors.  These monitors perform the observation in a random and inconspicuous manner so that the drivers are unaware of when or where the observation may take place.  The monitor will then insert the observation into the website where it is instantly emailed to the customer.

We currently offer many variations of this concept:

Highway Monitoring:

v      Uses credible monitors to follow our customers (randomly and inconspicuously)

v      In 5 minutes we Perform 3 speed checks, 3 following distance checks and additional information.

v      Reports are sent within 4 days via e-mail.  Normally within 24-48 hours of observation.

v      100+ monitors in 40 states

v      No startup fees and no contracts!

v      Many motor carriers have claimed to have reduced rear end collisions to "0"

v      Give it a shot, it works!!  Call for references.

Secret Surveillance Video Monitoring:     Click here to view a Demo Report

v      Incorporated with Highway monitoring where we equip our monitors with video

v      Video consist of Narrative, speed and following distance checks

v      Video is streamlined via e-mail / Internet

v      For additional cost, video's can be burned to cd/dvd and mailed weekly

Target Monitoring:

v      Do you have a problem driver? We perform detailed reports on a specific drivers

v      Driver Surveillance Program 3 hour minimum

v      Reports inserted into website and sent instantly


To learn more about the details of our programs, Call  for details.


Contact us with comments or questions at: or Is My Driving Safe @ (813) 269-IMDS (4637)


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