Driver Rebuttal Program

Is My Driving Safe, Inc. understands that there are two sides to every story. This is why we developed the Driver Rebuttal Program.

Drivers can log into their account to respond to a complaint filed against them.  Drivers also have the ability to write a rebuttal before a formal complaint is filed against them.

Each driver rebuttal is entered into the Is My Driving database. They are cross-referenced against complaints that were filed within a 7 day period from the time of the incident. If there is a match between a complaint and a rebuttal, they are filed together and presented to the Driver Account Manager. If a rebuttal does not match a complaint, it is purged from the database.

In order to maintain a stable and accurate service, Is My Driving will not accept complaints or rebuttals filed after a 7 day time frame.


Driver Rebuttal Program Services Provided:
  • Driver Rebuttal Program
  • Vehicle Theft Notification Program
  • Flexible and Accountable Reporting
  • Proprietary Reflective Decals


Contact us with comments or questions at: or Is My Driving Safe @ (813) 269-IMDS (4637)


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