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Position:                "Secret" Driver Surveillance Monitor


Company:              Is My Driving Safe, Inc.

Is My Driving Safe, Inc. (IMDS) is a driver monitoring service that collects, organizes, and communicates feedback about fleet drivers and their driving behaviors. IMDS gathers feedback by using IMDS decals that the general public uses to call or e-mail feedback. IMDS also hires “Credited” monitors to follow behind specific companies and monitor their drivers in an inconspicuous way. We Currently hire monitors all over the US.

 Job Description:

Drive behind our client’s long haul vehicles for a period of 5 minute and 5 miles collected data such as speed readings, tailgating, etc.,  The monitor compiles a report on the driver’s safety using our observation template.  Once you have completed the report, log on to our website: to enter the report information. Some monitors will be required to perform video observations on required customers.

The monitoring totals are pure month and should be performed randomly based on the following:

         Monitors will follow and complete reports on random days, times and locations

         All days, times, and locations are up to the “monitors” as long as they are random.


Minimum Qualifications or Required Equipment:

      Retired or off duty: Police Officers,  Military Police, D.O.T. Safety Officials, or P.I.'s with law enforcement experience.

      Ability to observe vehicles without being noticed in an unmarked vehicle

      The Monitors will be paid as Independent Contractors. (Sign a Subcontractor Agreement)

      Must have own general liability and auto insurance

Salary or Pay Information:

         The Monitors will be paid as Independent Contractors.

         Payment made on a monthly basis

         Pay is based on a per report basis

How To Apply:

         Fax Resume to Ryan McDonald at 813-269-7373 or

E-mail recruits at ismydrivingsafe dot com

         Include City of Interest

         Include how you heard of this job opportunity

         Include job title: "Secret" Driver Surveillance Monitor

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