How It Works

A Subscriber wanting to improve safety, along with increasing driver awareness and accountability, should sign up with Is My Driving 

The Driver Monitoring Process works like this:

Driver Monitoring

  1. The Decal contains a "Is My Driving Safe?" message that allows the motorist to phone in anonymously to Is My Driving Safe’s toll-free number if they observe a noteworthy incident. The Motorist may also fill out an online Incident Report in lieu of reporting by phone.
  2. Is My Driving Safe’s call center is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with a professionally trained and supervised staff whose sole function is to defuse the motorist's anger while filtering out the facts.
  3. At the conclusion of each interview, Is My Driving Safe emails an Incident Report that outlines either the compliment or complaint.
  4. Drivers have the option to submit a rebuttal or respond to a filed complaint.
  5. After reviewing the Incident Report and Driver Rebuttals, the Driver Account Manager should discuss the incident with the driver to get their side of the story, and, if necessary, take corrective action to change the unsafe driving behavior.
  6. Once a Driver Account Manager completes the review with the driver, the process is complete. Is My Driving Safe maintains a database with real time Management  Reports available online at any time via the website.


Contact us with comments or questions at: or Is My Driving Safe @ (813) 269-IMDS (4637)


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