Teen Program

Every parent’s worst fear is their child turning 16, driving and then getting into an accident. We at are also parents and share the same fears and anxieties.    

 Children often wonder where these concerns come from and feel they aren’t trusted.  The numbers don’t lie:

 Motor vehicle crashes are the Number 1 cause of death for ages 16-20.

 Sure, your teen got an A in driver’s education class but that was learning to maneuver around cones. Real-life situations require real-life feedback.

 You can’t possibly follow your teen between every destination.  But if you could, do you think they would drive safer?  Of course they would!  Through our teen driver monitoring program, your teen’s “instant freedom” can be insured and instantly held more accountable. 

 Hearing feedback from a concerned motorist helps identify unsafe habits before an accident might occur and gives parents an opportunity to discuss and make corrections.  You’d be hard pressed to find a teen that would rather have this kind of conversation with the police instead of their parents.

Safe Driving

Contact us with comments or questions at: or Is My Driving Safe @ (813) 269-IMDS (4637)


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